Why do web design firms charge so much?

Web Sites

A lot more work goes into creating a custom web site (before, during and even after the site is done) than the average business owner is aware of. Let’s face it, designing a web site is not like creating a word document or a power point presentation. It takes a lot of thought, research, planning, creativity, knowledge, continuing education and skill.


Also, the average web design firm is made up of managers, sales people, project managers, web designers/developers, graphic artists and administrative staff.


To top it off, most web design firms host web sites and email and they often act as domain registrars. These services are necessary, but are also fairly cheap. Web design firms often put a sizable markup on them to help pay for the high-end, dedicated server that is required for hosting multiple accounts, as well as the IT person who has to maintain it.

Keeping it all going

Sales people get commission, employees have to get paid, the utilities and office space has to be covered, special services and equipment have to purchased and maintain and…well, you get the picture.

You need a web site, but do you really need all of that “extra” stuff?

Have we peaked your interest? Well, read on then.

Who are we?

MVP Web Design is a group of creative professionals who have each worked at marketing firms or web design companies. We’ve seen what makes customers happy and what makes them cringe. We’ve seen large corporations accept the high cost of a complex site and other services without blinking, while the mom and pop business owners walk away, hoping to find an more affordable way to get a simple web site built.

We’ve seen the boss charge one company more than another company for the exact same services, just because he thinks he can get more out of them. We’ve listened to sales people tell customers what they wanted to hear in order to tie them to a long-term contract, instead of telling them what they needed to know to make an informed decision.

We’ve seen customers’ choices and control taken away by these practices and we’ve discussed how it bothers us to see these things happen.

So we started asking “How can we cut the cost of web design services and still give small to medium sized business owners the fair, quality web design services they need?”

The answer to that question is what led us to create this new kind of web design company.

So, how are we different?

We realized that it was impossible to cut the design and site building process down and still give you a beautiful custom web site, but what about everything else? Do you really need a sales person to convince you that you need a web site to compete with your peers? Do you need a secretary to take a message for you when you call for support? Do you really need a project manager to oversee your small to medium sized web design project?

Trimming the Fat

And what about site hosting and that IT person to maintain the hosting equipment? We don’t have them either. We don’t host sites or email and we don’t register domains. Hosting companies have everything you need to take care of these things, including high end security and 24-hour service and support. It’s what they do and they do it well, so we let them.

What we do is set up these services for you, in your name, with us listed as your technical contact in case you need us. You will own them, pay for them and make decisions about them as you please.

We also don’t have offices, so we don’t pay for office space or utilities. We are completely online. We don’t have administrative staff, and we don’t employ sales people. Every person that comes between you and your creative professional is another person who could cloud the thoughts and ideas you are trying to convey.

Cutting out all of these things means lower cost web design services for you and lets us

Made in the USA

The best part is that we are a 100% American company and we remember when good, old-fashioned customer service was the just right way to do business. When you call for support, you will always speak with an English-speaking, creative professional and your project and support will never be farmed out to an overseas company.

We also don’t have services that require long-term contracts, so you are in complete control of your project. We work with you as a part of your team to create a plan for your business and based on that plan, you buy the services you want, when you want them and you stop them when you want them.

The bottom line is that we are a team of professional web designers, graphic artists and writers who love what we do and simply want to make a living by providing honest web design services that help you and your business stand out among the rest.

Our Goal

We understand the pitfalls and challenges that business owners face every day. The last thing you need is another problem to deal with. At MVP Web Design, our goal is to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. We see ourselves as a member of your team and hope to develop a strong, long-term relationship with you by always providing friendly and timely customer service.